The vision of a talented electrical engineer, and first conceptualized in the late 1990’s, the Quickcakes® Machine, utilizing the Popcake™ patented technology, is the first commercial-grade, fully automatic, countertop pancake maker in the world. Since its humble beginnings in Sydney Australia, the Popcake™ technology has been perfected through years of in-field testing resulting in a unique, economical and delicious breakfast solution, now serving thousands of satisfied customers across the globe. The Quickcakes® Machine meets the tough standards of the commercial food service industry and has been carefully tested and certified by UL, cUL, NSF and RoHS . The Quickcakes® Program is a turnkey system that is ready to provide your customers fast, hot, fresh, healthy and delicious pancakes at the single touch of a button.


Globally, over twenty million pancakes are eaten everyday!

Pancakes are an American tradition, and continue to be a specialty breakfast item at fine restaurants and hotels across the USA. In the past, food service providers needed a full-service kitchen to serve pancakes. Now with the Quickcakes® Machine guests can serve themselves hot, fresh pancakes in seconds with just the touch of a button. For the operator, the Quickcakes® Machine is a quick, easy to use, reliable, labor saving, low cost, environmentally friendly, mess free way to add this breakfast favorite to their breakfast bar. Weighing in at only 52lbs., with a small footprint (H-14″ x W-21″ x D-14″), and requiring only standard 120V/20amp power, the Quickcakes® Machine is a snap to install. Quickcakes® are not only convenient, they are also delicious and 97% fat free! So get on board with the most innovative piece of food service equipment to hit the market in years. Order the Quickcakes® Program today by calling our sales department at (888) 988-0882, or click here to inquire via email.