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Green Technology -

Green Technology

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Quickcakes® has made it a priority to design our system to save energy and help preserve our natural resources and the environment.


wasteA single case of Quickcakes® pancake mix can produce up to 50% more portions (270 - 3.2oz pancake portions compared to an average of 165 - 4.5oz portions - after cooking weight) than the average waffle case, while reducing landfill waste to only 15 dispenser bags; instead of 15 plastic bags, 165 plastic cups and lids per case with the waffle system. An account averaging 3 cases of waffle mix per month would add 495 cups and lids monthly ($19.80 per month in cup and lid costs) or 5,940 cups and lids annually to the landfill. That is a whopping 99 lbs. of plastic per year per account!

energyThe Quickcakes® machine has a computer-managed power consumption system that saves energy. The Quickcakes® machine operates on up to half the power of the average waffle baking system. This equates to an average savings of $.60 per day (4 hour breakfast period @ $.10 per KWH) or $216 annually per location. One Quickcakes® machine can produce the same number of portions as three waffle bakers in an hour! These facts have positioned the Quickcakes® machine as one of the top energy saving foodservice appliances in the industry.

waterNo water, cleaning agents or dishwashing cycles are needed to clean up after using the Quickcakes® machine. In addition, no messy oil based aerosols or silicone based release sprays are necessary with the Quickcakes® state-of-the-art non-stick baking system. Just replace the baking belts every 2,160 pancakes.